Hi. I'm Charlotte and on Tumblr I don't pretend. I'm from Denmark, so I speak one of the hardest languages on Earth. I don't believe in religions, but I respect people who do. I do believe in having my own opinion and to have the right to say what you believe. I'm independent and materialistic and my life dream is to get rich and live with no one to hold me back.


Congratulations to Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman on their Emmy wins! Since they couldn’t attend this year’s Emmys, here are some gifs from 2012, the year in which they both did attend. (And yes, Ben is blocking our view of Martin lol…)

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"What about knowing that Ian and Patrick are going to be in the movie alongside you?" Michael Fassbender & James McAvoy Interview - X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) JoBlo.com [>]

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